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Community Involvement and Partnerships

salem students going through clothes

In today's interconnected world, community partnerships are a driving force behind the holistic development of students. These partnerships are more than just cooperative ventures; they allow students to thrive academically, gain practical experience, engage in internships, learn about networking and contribute to the overall well-being of our community.

Partnership Highlights

Salem Academy has built a wide range of community partnerships connected to STEAM.  These range from:

  • Local banks that assist with Financial Literacy teaching
  • Non-profit organizations who we partner with for Service Learning opportunities
  • Research Labs that provide tours and hands-on experiences
  • Local museums which provide educational enrichment
  • And many more who offer internship opportunities and workshops


Kaleideum is an innovative and dynamic experiential learning museum that focuses on interactive displays, and educational programs that blend science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM) disciplines. Kaleideum has been a sponsor and supporter of the Salem Academy Robotics Teams since 2019.

Triad Voice Magazine

Triad Voice

Triad Voice Magazine is a community magazine that amplifies and propels the voices of women of color throughout the Triad. Their mission is to connect the local community and serve as a trusted source covering the arts, financial literacy, health & fitness, culture, lifestyle & local events. Triad Voice has been an integral partner for Academy Innovation Days by teaching the magazine process from brainstorming to editorial layout.  The results of these workshops have been feature in issues of Triad Voice Magazine.

Old Salem Museums and Gardens logo

Old Salem Museums and Gardens

Old Salem Museums & Gardens is a historic site telling the stories of people, including Moravian, Black, and Indigenous peoples, in the American South through the preservation and interpretation of material culture, architecture, and cultural landscapes. Having a National Historic Landmark nestled right next to Salem Academy creates opportunities for Academy students to serve as interns, volunteer with historic research such as the Hidden Town Project, and see firsthand the need to understand the past in order to create a strong future.  The 9th-grade students tour multiple Old Salem locations and buildings each fall semester as part of their STEAM course when they learn about the history of the school, its Moravian heritage, and the remarkable women who have taught and learned at Salem Academy for over 250 years.

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