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Welcome to Salem Academy!

Meet the Head of School

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Kristina Porazzi Sorrells

About Ms. Sorrells

Kris Porazzi Sorrells is Salem Academy’s Head of School.  Kris has been passionate about girls in science and mathematics fields since her high school days in Texas where she was one of the few girls in a cohort focused on math, science, computer science, and physics.  Kris earned her bachelor’s degree at Salem College (1996) with a focus in mathematics and computer science.  She furthered her education at Wake Forest University completing a masters in mathematics (1998) where her thesis focused on applications of differential equations.  While in graduate school and immediately after, Kris worked in a technical branch of USAirways. Her time tutoring students at Salem Academy eventually led to her working at the Academy and now serving as Head of School.

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Salem Through Ms. Sorrells’s Eyes

Kris chose to serve as an educator at Salem Academy because of Salem’s true commitment to educating girls and giving them a choice to pursue their passions and dreams in a supportive environment.  At Salem Academy, Kris spearheads Salem’s commitment to empowering students to realize their own worth and strength and to speak up about their needs both personally and professionally all while having the right people around them to support their growth.  Kris is passionate about Salem Academy’s mission and appreciates that the Moravians who started Salem in 1772 challenged the status quo to move the world forward by their commitment to educating girls and women.    Today at Salem Academy, we continue that Moravian history in a place where all girls regardless of background are seen and have worth.

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Why Ms. Sorrells Believes You Should Want to Come to Salem Academy

Salem Academy is a place where you can be your authentic self.  At Salem Academy, you will be known.  Faculty will look for your untapped potential and whether or not you want to, we will help you explore it.  If you start a path and decide not to continue, then the faculty and staff will help redirect the skills you learned to another area.   Current students have said that they have dreamed about exploring possibilities but did not think they were capable. We helped them build the foundation to get to their dreams.  Through our unique relationship with Salem College, you can explore new fields in a safe environment while earning college credit.

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Why Ms. Sorrells Believes Parents Should Want to Send Their Daughter to Salem Academy

It is so easy to hide in a public school or a large school.  For some kids, that is alright but if you choose to hide, you may never have the chance to explore your potential.   Parents who want their daughter to  see the possibilities, get the support for trying new and different things and explore her own abilities  should look at a single-sex school like Salem Academy.  If  you choose to invest in us, we will choose to invest in you and your daughter.  Investment means a lot of things – exploring academics, athletics, and wellness,  providing opportunities, guiding students, and even correcting them.  Due to our small size and the hearts of our dedicated faculty and staff, we see each individual student.  Our goal is to work with your family to support your daughter to have a firm foundation for her future.

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