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Campus Life

A Day in the Life of a Boarding Student


All Salem Academy boarding students live in Mary Reynolds Babcock Hall, recently renovated in 2020 and located in the residential center of campus.

A Typical Day by Emma

student presenting


7:15 am: My alarm goes off. I get up, make a cup of coffee, and get dressed for the day. I make sure I have everything I need for my morning classes before heading out the door.

7:45 am: Made it to the dining hall for breakfast. I make a bowl of fruit and add eggs and grits to a plate. My friends got here before me and saved me a seat. We chat about the day ahead before heading off to class.

8:30–10:00 am: My first class of the day is Algebra II. We went over last night’s homework before moving on to new material. My teacher lets me stay in our classroom during my study hall right after class to get ahead and ask questions.

10:05 am: Time for assembly! Drama club announced our fall play today. I cannot wait to audition! I have a meeting tomorrow at lunch for Key Club in the Club Dining Room. Today is Susie’s birthday! Can’t forget to let the seniors file out first.

10:45 am–12:25 pm: I have two more classes before lunch. I head to Spanish first to go over irregular verb conjugations before going to English to talk about last night’s reading. I make sure to jot down in my planner that we have an essay due next week.

students eating cookies


12:30–1:05 pm: I joined my friends in the dining hall for lunch. We talk about the upcoming weekend trip to Carowinds.

1:10–2:55 pm: I have a free block after lunch. I use this time to go to the library and look over my notes for my Environmental Science quiz next block. Glad I used my time wisely, totally aced that quiz!

3:00-4:00 pm: Went to theater for my last class of the day. We did improv today and had a blast.

4:30 pm: Done with school for the day and headed to swim practice. I’m excited for our meet next week. I’m going to talk to our coach to see what I can do to improve my times.



5:45 pm: Time for dinner! I walk with my friends from practice to the dining hall. It’s so nice that everything is so close on campus. We eat and chat for a while before heading back to Babcock for some down time.

7:30 pm: I work on homework in our floor’s lounge and get a lot done. I go over my notes for my history test tomorrow on the American Revolution. I head back to my room after a while to fold some laundry.

10:00 pm: My prefect knocks on my door to check me in for the night. I grab a book and read a few chapters to wind down for the night.

10:45 pm: Time for bed! Can’t wait for the day ahead.

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