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At Salem Academy, we are proud to offer a rigorous STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) curriculum. The arts remain a critical component of the STEAM curriculum – preparing today’s students to identify and solve tomorrow’s problems. In fields ranging from robotics to debate to the arts, STEAM is the interdisciplinary approach that guides daily interactions within and around our community. 

These approaches teach students to cultivate questions, analyze ideas, design solutions and foster community around diverse ways of thinking and learning. Through our STEAM curricula, students develop persistence, self-confidence, collaboration, and adaptability – skills that will help them succeed in STEAM disciplines, in work, and in life. Our curriculum aims to educate the whole person to prepare students for life-long success.

The curriculum includes 9-12 grade course requirements for the state of North Carolina as well as specialized programming focused on leadership development and wellness. 

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