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The Girls School Advantage

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Why a Girls School?

Because here, it’s all about you.

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Better Futures Start Here

Studies show graduates of all-girls high schools:

  • Are more self-confident
  • Outperform their peers academically
  • Are 6x more likely to major in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math
  • Become strong leaders 
  • Are better prepared to work and live in today’s diverse society
  • Have higher aspirations and more civic engagement

Did You Know?

Less than 1% of girls in the U.S. attend an all-girls school, yet 20% of women in Congress did!

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Experience the Salem Academy Advantage

At Salem Academy, it is full STEAM ahead!

Salem Academy gives girls a place to thrive in a STEAM-focused learning environment. We also share a campus with Salem College, the nation’s only liberal arts college dedicated to elevating and expanding women’s roles in health leadership.

With classes encompassing everything from the humanities to robotics, Salem students are free to nurture their intellectual curiosity while growing in character. We offer small class sizes where distractions are minimized and focus is maximized.  

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Discover the Power of Being You

When you graduate from Salem, you’ll be ready to take on college and the world beyond!

Build a Foundation of Excellence

To find out all of the reasons why you’ll be at advantage with an all-girls’ education, read our informational flyer by clicking the button below. We’re excited to share all of the benefits of an all-girls’ school with you!

Why Choose an All-Girls' Education?

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