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Campus Life

Rich in School Traditions

Saber Sorting

No Shortage of Fun

With a history spanning more than 250 years, Salem Academy has no shortage of fun and meaningful traditions. Here are a few that truly enrich the school year.

Salem academy opening chapel book

Opening Chapel

Each fall, at the start of the school year, the Dean of Students reads messages and good wishes from Salem Academy alumnae.

face painting

Saber Sorting

The picnic’s friendly competitions of tug-of-war, big-ball volleyball and other zany challenges are similar to the sorting hat in Harry Potter, placing students on either the purple or gold team. Your Saber color lasts a lifetime and through your future family lines.

ring ceremony students

Ring Banquet

Every fall, seniors receive their onyx class rings at this annual celebration hosted by the freshmen for the seniors.

students reading off a paper

Senior Day

The morning after the Ring Banquet, seniors are entertained by the faculty and staff at a special breakfast. Later in the day, seniors perform songs for the Academy community at an outdoor luncheon. The seniors also teach classes throughout the day to the underclassmen.

two students getting flowers during family weekend

Family Weekend

Families get to experience a touch of Salem Academy life by meeting with teachers, experiencing clubs, attending an assembly and ending with a Purple/Gold battle on the kickball field.

basket of cookies

Cookie Break

A few times a week, Salem Academy students get to enjoy a sweet break with freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and fruit.  It is a great time to chat with friends and take a moment to enjoy life.

candles lit

Senior Vespers

This cherished Christmas event features a candlelight choral service. At the traditional Moravian Lovefeast, seniors serve coffee and buns to attendees.

stage for celebrating founders day

Founders Day Weekend

This spring weekend starts with Founder’s Day convocation where seniors wear their graduation caps and gowns for the first time. This gathering celebrates the Academy’s founding and the convening of its first class of students.  A highlight of the weekend is a panel featuring recent alumnae coming to campus to speak to Academy students about life after graduation and how Salem impacted their lives.

smooshed cake

Smoosh Cake

Charms are baked into cupcakes that are “smooshed,” revealing a charm that is said to predict the student’s future after graduation.

speech being given and senior faculty breakfast

Senior-Faculty Breakfast

Near the end of the spring semester, students, teachers, and advisors enjoy a celebratory breakfast treat of ice cream, and strawberry slices while underclassmen serve breakfast and provide entertainment.

students sit at closing chapel

Closing Chapel

This gathering marks the end of the academic year and recognizes Citizenship Award winners and four-year seniors.

graduates toss their caps

Graduation Weekend

This celebratory weekend includes a baccalaureate service in the May Dell where seniors receive a special Moravian star as a gift from the school. The weekend also includes an Awards and Recognition ceremony, celebrating the accomplishment of students, faculty, and staff.

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