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Campus Life

Boarding and Residential Life

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Residential Life - A Home Away from Home

Salem residential student life encourages students to develop independence and often motivates them to partake more fully in the extracurricular life of the school. Perhaps most significant, our boarding program challenges student residents to grow and thrive as productive, positive members of a special family within the Salem community. 

Boarding students will develop skills that will prepare them to succeed in college and beyond, including independence, time management and collaboration.  Life as a boarding student at Salem Academy is rich in friendships, fun, and personal growth.  

Best of all are the deep friendships they form with other students. Relationships built at the Academy last a lifetime because they are built on the firmest of foundations: living, learning, and growing together in a safe and positive environment.

Boarding Options

In addition to a traditional seven-day boarding program, Salem Academy offers a five-day boarding program.  The five-day boarding program is designed to ensure that students sustain quality time and continuity with their family and home community on the weekends.

Salem Academy student in their room

Safety Comes First

Security for our boarding residents is our top priority.
  1. The residence hall is staffed with live-in residential life staff and hall coordinators, as well as senior prefects, who coordinate programming specifically for our boarding students.
  2. Students are supervised around-the-clock, with an adult staff member always available and on-call.
  3. The dorm facilities are monitored by our campus security twenty-four hours a day.
  4. Our residence hall is safe and secure and only accessible by keycards.
  5. Students have an established curfew, based on grade level.

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