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Campus Life

Health and Counseling Services

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Health and Counseling Services

Salem Academy is invested in the holistic health of its students. Services for physical and emotional wellness are available on campus and in the local community. 

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Health Services

Salem’s Health Center is operated by Novant Health and staffed by Novant Health professionals.  The Salem Academy Health Center evaluates students on an individual basis and treats them accordingly.  If further treatment is needed, Health Center staff will refer students to a specialist.

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Counseling Services

For most teenagers, life can be stressful at times, so we urge our students to take advantage of Salem’s counseling services, which include confidential individual and group counseling.

Our Director of Behavioral Health works in conjunction with the counseling staff, interns, the chaplain, and health services to provide student assessment, guidance, and counseling. In addition, she provides leadership for the wellness team in the development of prevention programming to enhance overall student well-being.  Outside counselors and group therapy referrals are made as needed.


Salem Academy uses Magnus as an online portal to manage student health forms and paperwork.  


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