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Distinctive Experiences

Success in College and in Life

cobblestone steps
flow chart of character: igniting curiosity, increasing compassion, inspiring courage, infusing creativity

Success in College and in Life

Salem Academy educates the whole student. Our signature “IC4 and Wellness Program” is a 4 year program that develops key aspects of character building upon each year’s work to promote leadership development.

In their freshman year, Academy students “Ignite Curiosity;” Sophomore students “Increase Compassion;” Juniors “Infuse Creativity,” and Seniors “Inspire Courage.” Each year, students work on branching out to the next layer, while incorporating all 8 areas of wellness (Social, Occupational, Intellectual, Spiritual, Financial, Environmental, Emotional, & Physical). Salem Academy offers robust programming to help students learn about all the dimensions of wellness to prepare them for success in college and in life.

If you have questions regarding our IC4 and wellness program, please contact Amber Harrington at

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